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Horizontal Boring & Doweling In Woodworking (continued)
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Bits and Speeds

Because boring is so similar to drilling, you can use the same bits and the same speeds. To adjust the Mark V to the correct speed, refer to Table 11-1.

Table 11-1: Horizontal Boring Speed Chart
Size of Hole Hardwood Softwood
1/4" and less H (1600 RPM) I (1750 RPM)
1/4" to 1/2" F (1300 RPM) G (1450 RPM)
1/2" to 3/4" D (1050 RPM) E (1150 RPM)
3/4" to 1" B (850 RPM) C (950 RPM)
Over 1" SLOW (700 RPM) A (750 RPM)
Boring metals (twist bits only)-Slow (700 RPM)
Note: These speeds are for 60 hz. operations. For 50 hz. operations, refer to Table 1-1.

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