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Horizontal Boring & Doweling In Woodworking (continued)
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Horizontal Boring Safety

Warning: Before using the horizontal boring machine, read and understand these important safety instructions:

Danger Zone-The danger zone on the Mark V in the horizontal boring mode extends 3" all around the bit and chuck and 5" in front of the bit. Always keep your fingers and hands out of the danger zone.

When you work at the horizontal boring machine, be certain your hands and fingers aren't in front of the bit when you advance the quill. Never reach in toward or in front of the bit to clear away scraps. Turn off the machine and let it come to a complete stop first.

  • Wear proper eye and ear protection.
  • NEVER leave the key in the chuck. Remove the key from the chuck IMMEDIATELY after securing or removing the bit.
  • Never wear jewelry, gloves, ties, loose clothing or clothing with long sleeves. Keep long hair tucked under a hat. Jewelry, gloves, ties, clothing and hair could become entangled in the bit.
  • Use the rip fence as a backstop and hold the stock firmly against both the worktable and the fence. If you can't use the rip fence, use the miter gauge or clamp the stock to the worktable.
  • Use only accessories and bits designed to be mounted in power drills.
  • Never drill or bore metal freehand. Always clamp the metal to the worktable and backup stock, or the rip fence and back-up stock.

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